Redeemed Israel: Reunited and Restored

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Redeemed Israel

Copyright 2006 Batya Ruth Wootten, Saint Cloud, Florida.

Your destiny in Messiah Yeshua is forever linked to Israel. He preached the gospel of its kingdom. His disciples spoke of the restoration of David's fallen house, which includes all who sojourn with Israel. Only when we understand about "both the houses of Israel" (Isa 8:14) can we truly understand our Redeemer's mission. Only when we know Him can we know who Israel really is; for He is salvation? Yeshua? The epitome of all that it means to be "Israel." The liberating truths found in this book are breathing new life into Israel's two houses. Many are seeing Judah and Ephraim in Scripture, as well as Israel's coming reunion and restoration. They are catching glimpses of her coming glory. This solidly scriptural book clarifies the truth about Israel and the Church, explains the mystery of the "fullness of the Gentiles," and reveals the Father's ultimate plan for all Israel. If you feel drawn to your Hebraic roots, want to celebrate the feasts of Israel, and understand "Israel," this inspiring book is for you. It will enrich your faith. It is helping both Jewish and non-Jewish Believers, Judah and Ephraim, to return to the ancient faith of their forefathers.